Quiet Zone Engineering

Reduce train noise with careful assessments, planning, and implementation schemes
from federal-level experts

OK Rail Signal, Inc. upgrade your existing quiet zone system or design one anew

OK Rail Signal, Inc. worked on quiet zone projects before the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued the Final Train Horn Rule in 2005. Our deep understanding of compliance regulations means we’ve developed proven methodologies and practices to guarantee efficiency and meet the needs of public agencies, railroad authorities, and the public.

OK Rail Signal, Inc. can also provide consultation for the paperwork that comes with quiet zone engineering, ensuring delays are kept to a minimum.

Our Quiet Zone Engineering process includes:

  • Reviewing existing crossings and grade crossing devices
  • Detailed cost estimates and timelines for the project
  • Identifying the most cost-effective, high-quality materials and equipment
  • Consultation and quality control for all required paperwork
  • Project implementation and construction